Naval Attack

Naval Attack aka Donato 20150208-WA0009

Jade Sham has sent this message and here is a pic from her FB page. She calls him Donato now.

I received word about this amazing Gelding after a tragic time for me. Naval Attack was his name and i felt strongly about going to see him even though it was not the best time for me for many reasons. I went to meet him and fell in love with him instantly.. Once i knew he was the one for me i decided to change his name to Donato meaning gift from God in Spanish as this was exactly what he was to me.It usually takes some time to get to know your new horse. Not us, we clicked immediately.. Donato’s gentle nature was soon recognised by all my stable friends. He absolutely adores kids and obsesses over carrots.

He became the leader of his herd in no time and what a sight it is to see him prancing around like a proud stallion when there is some excitement happening. This horse has filled a gap like no other and i am so grateful for the chance to get to know and love this amazing boy. He has given me a second chance at life and love and i feel that i have done the same for him.. Thank you WCET for giving me the opportunity and privilege of calling myself Donato’s mom!

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