WCET Re-homing Process

“The reward in re-homing one of our horses is priceless, but to ensure the well-being of our horses we have a procedure that applies in order to re-home them.


  • The person must personally see the horse and they’re welcome to try it out
  • An Application form is completed
  • A property inspection is undertaken (a paddock with acceptable fencing, a stable or 3-sided shelter with a solid roof, constant access to fresh water and quality feed, etc)
  • If acceptable, a Rehoming Agreement is completed
  • A Rehoming fee is paid
  • A Vet check is recommended
  • Transport is the responsibility of the owner


We do an annual inspection of the horses and ask that owners keep us posted of the horse’s progress. A horse can be moved or sold on but the WCET must be informed before the horse is sold or moving in order for the WCET to do a home check of the new premises before anything can happen. All of the standard Re-Homing procedures will apply to the next ‘owner’. It is imperative that the WCET is at all times aware of the whereabouts and well being of the horse.

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