Our Mission at the Western Cape Equine Trust

To accept equines, particularly ex-racehorses, into our care and after suitable training to successfully re-home them to inspected homes, with caring new owners.

The Western Cape Equine Trust (WCET), a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), has been raising funds to help improve the life of equines since 2005. Its REHOMING PROGRAM focuses specifically on the safe and secure future of Thoroughbred racehorses once they are retired from their racing career. Many of them are retired as young as 2 or 3 years old. Have a look at the following video that gives a snippet of all we do and our passion and love for ex racehorses


The WCET is totally committed to its REHOMING PROGRAM, all run by volunteers and funded by donations, with the grateful support of the local racing industry and some wonderful individuals.

Most of the equines come directly from racing, having been donated by owners, trainers and breeders who care about the future of their horses and a few have come through ‘rescue’ situations, having been sold on and landed up in dire circumstances.

The early days at the centre are spent doing groundwork, assessing temperament and ability and then progress to schooling under saddle, all with a gentle, holistic approach. When the Rehoming team is satisfied that a horse is ready for re-homing, it is advertised through various channels, to a large database of horse lovers.

The Program operates from Sivalé Stables (R44 Klapmuts) with excellent facilities for ex-racehorses, where they have the freedom of the outdoors during the day and are stabled at night.

The WCET assesses the suitability of a potential owner who is obliged to work with the chosen horse at the facility, prior to application. Strict terms and conditions are applied in the Rehoming process. ‘Home’ inspections are undertaken with annual follow-up inspections and we ask that owners keep us posted of the horses’ progress. A horse can be moved or sold on but the WCET must approve any move or sale before it is moved and all of the above applies to the next owner. It is imperative that the WCET is always aware of the whereabouts and wellbeing of every equine that graduates from its program.

Since the Rehoming Program’s inception, we have rehomed in excess of over 140 ex-racehorses, who have graduated to wonderful, loving homes, many, with new careers in other equine disciplines, whilst others have been given a chance to retire to a life of sunshine, green pastures and good friends.

Our Team


The WCET would not be able to operate as successfully as we do without the wonderful help of our team and volunteers who come to the yard to assist with the re-homing project of the horses.

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Our Horses

Most of our equines come to us direct from their racing careers, having been donated by owners or trainers and a few have come through ‘rescue’ situations, having been sold on and landed in dire circumstances.

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Our Process

The reward in re-homing one of our horses are priceless, but to ensure the well-being of our horses we have a procedure that applies in order to re-home them.

Re-Homing Process