Entitled Re-Homed

And just like that the beautiful Entitled is off to her new home. She will most definitely be enjoying a life of love and spoils. Go well big girl!  

Quickstep Re-Homed

Our gorgeous Quickstep has gone to her forever home. We wish her and her new mom all the best on their future adventures.  

Forever Bill Re-Homed

And just like that…. Bill has gone off to his new home. What a lucky guy to be in such a beautiful place @hemelenaardefarm . We wish him and his new mom all the best in the future.  

Raven Re-Homed

The sweet Raven has found her match. Lucky for us she will be taking livery on the farm we’re on. We can’t wait to see her and her mom grow together. We couldn’t have found a better match for this beautiful mare.  

Wallie, Minnie & Fly Re-Homed

Happy homing to these three amigos. We couldn’t be happier to see them go together, they create quite the bond while with us. The will enjoy life by the sea and the mountains, exploring their 1000 hectare farm in Botriver. Endless cuddles, love and spoils too. Go well boys , you will be missed.  

Autumn Sky Re-Homed

Happy homing to the beautiful Autumn Sky. She has settled into her new life, and is loving her new adventures with her mom. We wish them all the best for the future.  

Red Eight Re-Homed

Happy homing to our beautiful big boy Red Eight. Here’s to a life of love and spoils. We wish them both well for the future

Down South Re-Homed

We have some more wonderful news! Down South has found his match. He has settled in so well into his beautiful new home and is very loved. He is already enjoying out rides, has his very own sister, and some new friends. We wish them both well for the future!


We want to wish a happy homing to our biggest girl Love Note This beautiful mare has settled into her new home, is making friends and enjoying life. All the best to her and her new mom.


Happy homing to our boy Starlink Express. This young boy has settled into his new home making friends with cows and mini horses. He will take his time to be brought on slowly to his fullest potential. We couldn’t have asked for him to find a better home. All the best to him and his new mom. We will keep […] Continue Reading