Call It Fate has been re-homed

Our very special girl Call It Fate went to her new home on Thursday. We couldn’t be happier for this girl, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her and her new mom. Go well big girl!

Douglas has been re-homed

Douglas has been Rehomed He has settled in so well and loves his new mom. We are so happy for him and thank his new family for giving him such a wonderful new home and great opportunity:-).

Tuscany Re Homed

Our gorgeous Tuscany has been rehomed. We wish her and her new mom all the best for the future.

Butterfly Beauty has been re-homed

Happy Homing to the beautiful Butterfly Beauty. She found her perfect person and we couldn’t be happier. Go well big girl we know you will do great things! @trinity_equestria

Silver Host Re-Homed

Happy homing for this beautiful big boy and his new mom. He is quite the looker! We can’t wait to see what the future holds. Go well big boy! Can follow more on Host @bsh_equestrian

Cruizin California Re-Homed

Our gorgeous Cruizin California has left for her new home. This special girl is going to make her new owner so happy. We can’t wait to see whats in store for them. Follow these two on @8353_mari

Wolfman Re-Homed

This has been the most happy homing we have had. This special boy has just landed his bum in the butter. The best part? He’s staying on the farm with us so we get to watch his new journey closely. His next part of training will be riding in a neck rein. What a special horse and owner. Can follow […] Continue Reading

Autumn Moon Re-Homed

This beautiful boy didn’t have to wait long for his human. He found the most perfect home where he will be loved and spoiled. We wish him and his mom all the best for the future. Go well big boy!

Kalahari Ferrari Re-Homed

Happy homing to Kalahari Ferrari. He’s gone off to his second career in George. We can’t wait to see what he does next. Enjoy your new life handsome boy! Follow these two on @sabreen.eq

Blue Eyed Girl Re-Homed

Our beloved Blue has been re-homed. We wish these two all the best for the future. What a special horse and we are so happy she found her match. How cute is she? Follow these two on @bluee.equestriann